• Aokeo's Professional 8 Channel UHF Wireless Microphone System
  • Available Frequencies Range (MHZ): 614.3 - 671.0, Output Watts: 0.0053, Frequency Tolerance: 25.24 PM
  • Includes 8 Wireless sets of Microphones
  • 8 Volume Controls For Each One of the Wireless Microphones
  • Issue: No sound, RF lights not glowing. Solution: Make sure the transmitter 'POWER' switch is on and the receiver is plugged into a power source. Check battery. Check receiver squelch setting. Check receiver antenna connections. Make sure antennas are in line of sight of transmitter. Issue: No sound, RF lights glowing : Solution: Turn up receiver audio volume control. Check for proper connection between receiver and the karaoke unit.

Aokeo AK-8000 8 Channel Wireless Microphone System with 8 Wireless Microphone