• This Portable Wireless Translation System provides superior sound quality and full mobility combining multiple-channel transmitter and receivers, as well as improved reliability and versatility.
  • A small and compact amplifier that will project voice across the room. In addition to its ability to project voice from an adjustable microphone that is included in this product.
  • This is the Receiver only with over the ear headphones. Has a individual volume control on each receiver. 2 AA Battery Included in the package.
  • *NOTE* Before Buying: Please DON'T buy many or large quantity sets/units one time if you never operated this system before or don't know what it is for . Strongly advise customers just to buy one set/unit to test this system and completely understand its functions and know its advantages and disadvantages. Make sure you know what you need.
  • If you like it after testing, you could buy many sets/stand alone units together. Once a customer bought many sets/units of this system but immediately request returning right after he received the package due to he didn't like it and he realized that it's not what he want. This raised too much costs and waste to the transaction, your kind understanding would be highly appreciated!

Aokeo AK-50 Professional UHF Wireless Tour Guide System Set or Separately